1. watch the old waters trickling' way in dust
we are fading navigators under crimson skies
that's just the last time we draw lines
into a world so wild and free
we live a lie - we can't deny
freedom - where has it been?

2. all these busy people buzzing round-staring 'lone
scared they seem to gibe at me to be the only one
to know what happens here the clock has stopped tonight
here the sound, the wind, our fear we cannot hide no way to fight
hear the silent whispers of a thousand ages in these times
while nobody draws a word we hide our faces from sunrise

rumbling thunders resound rain patters down
with a harmful cry from a lonely child
the storm is rising

3. final frontiers: space or time all combined this is a new beginning
a storm is rising will bring a sign of FREEDOM

signs of human times
dark angel
liaison with a wolf
lunatic fanatic
respawn redemption