1. I'm on my way back home
in this awfull night.
I'm all alone.
Miss Luna shines so bright.
I can hear some freaks,
think they call my name.
Can't ignore their creak:
"This is not a game!"

They want to catch me,
they gonna make me blind
They want to get me,
they wanna suck my mind.

I have to get away
from this horrid place.
I don't want to stay.
Don't want to feel like chase.
Now I'm on the run.
I don't know where to go.
Hope for the morning sun.
Damn! I've killed my toe...

3. Now I see this light,
faces all around.
I want to start a fight.
Notice a creepy sound...
God, I can't move my legs.
I only see this beam.
I feel a pain in my neck.
Is this just a dream?


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