1. Watch the dark cloud disappear
all these soldiers who got no fear
stormy weather ends and glory to us all
I'm afraid of watching my old friends fall
Sometimes it is easy - just to turn away
sometimes it's like I've got nothing to say

I saw the truth, I saw this light in their eyes,
I saw the dark angel in the blue skies

2. Shadows of the past blasted through my head
I had to decide what's good or bad
When I watch the sky then I have to say
it is the black that dominates the grey

3. Eden turned to something strange
within their words I could feel the change out of range
was the help that we had needed
and again we were going to be defeated
The day we'd stopped the fire and captured the flag
they shot my daughter who god won't bring me back

signs of human times
dark angel
liaison with a wolf
lunatic fanatic
respawn redemption