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name: Viola
instrument: vocal chord, diaphragm, larynx
birthday: 19th of january, 1976 employment: teacher at primary school hobbies: music and sleeping
past: five years in a gospel choir then joined the band
favourites-food: pasta, strawberry-cookie
drink: Jasmintea
movie/video/DVD: Passion Christi
tv: Sex And The City
book: Bellas Diary, The Holy Bibel author: Graham Joyce
band: Rammstein, Muse, Isgaard, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson album: Passion Christi O.S.T.

best gig: 26.01.01 Museumskeller, Erfurt
best gig visited: Rammstein in Erfurt season: winter
place where you wanna go: Scotland most horrible nightmare: losing hair; being old and lonely
philosophie: always treat the people the way they shall treat you